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Mercedes Benz S with driver

Luxury, safety and professionalism.

Mercedes Benz S with driver in London

Mercedes Benz E with driver

Executive, efficient and safe.

Mercedes Benz E with chauffeur in London

Mercedes Benz V with driver

Perfect for groups up to 7 people.

mercedes V with to rent in London

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Minivan with driver

Ideal to fit big groups up to 16 passangers.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter with Driver in London

Hire a private driver for your London stay

Private driver services in London, UK offer a luxurious and convenient way to travel around the city. Whether you’re a busy executive with a packed schedule or a tourist looking to explore the city’s sights, hiring a private driver is an excellent option.

We’ll explore the advantages of hiring a private chauffeur in London, how to find and hire a reliable chauffeur, and the legal requirements you should be aware of.

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Price of hiring chauffeur service in London

Here’s a table of prices for a private driver service in London with various types of cars. If you are looking for a custom trip or you want to be picked up somewhere especific, we can send you a custom quote.

Here’s the information presented in a table format:

PER HR IN LONDON – min 4 hours£75£60£75£95
PER HR OUTER LONDON (OUT OF M25 PERIMETER) – min 4 hours£85£70£85£105
LHR to LONDON HOTEL – 2 hour overview of London£360£290£360
C. LONDON TO LHR£170£135£170£190
LHR TO C. LONDON£185£150£185£205
LONDON TO Gatwick£240£180£240£205
Gatwick TO LONDON£255£195£255£205

This table organizes the information about different tour rates and airport transfers for various vehicle types.

If you want a custom trip with our private driver services in London, please send us an email and we will prepare a custom quote for your convenience.

private driver london fleet

Send us a form with the distance, the type of car and the number of hours that you need and we will send you a custom quote for a chauffeur service in London. Don’t wait and book your private driver in London today. Travelling with a private chauffeur makes all the difference, enjoy comfort, exclusivity and excellence during your stay in London.

Frequent Questions

Private driver services in London provide a range of transportation options, from luxury cars to minivans and coaches. These services offer a more personalized experience than traditional taxis or public transportation, with drivers who are knowledgeable about the city and can provide recommendations for restaurants, attractions, and more. Many private driver services also offer airport transfers and chauffeur services for weddings and other special events in the city of London.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class, Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8

Private Driver London to Stonehenge:

Private Driver to go to London Heathrow:

  • Airport Transfer to Heathrow from Central London
  • Approximate Distance: 15 miles (24 km)
  • Estimated Time: 45 minutes
  • Cost: £80 – £120 (one way)
  • Google Maps Directions: how to go from London to Heathrow

Private Driver in London to go to Cotswolds:

Private Driver London to Paris (by car):

  • Approximate Distance: 280 miles (450 km)
  • Estimated Time: 5.5 to 6.5 hours (depending on traffic and route)
  • Cost: £800 – £1200 (one way)
  • Google Maps Directions: how to go from London to Paris

Frequent Questions about hiring a chauffeur service in London

How much does a private driver cost in London?

  • Private driver costs in London typically range from £50 to £250 per hour, depending on the car type and service.

Can you hire a driver in London?

  • Yes, you can hire a private driver in London through various chauffeur and car service providers.

Can I hire a driver to drive my car in the UK?

  • Yes, you can hire a driver to drive your car in the UK through chauffeur or personal driver services.

How to get a private driver in London?

  • To get a driver in London, contact a private chauffeur service, make a reservation, and provide details about your requirements.

Top 10 private chauffeur companies in Londo to hire a driver:

  1. Private Driver London (ourselves!)
  2. Addison Lee
  3. Blacklane
  4. IChauffeur
  5. Hertz
  6. Sixt
  7. Uber
  8. Noble transfer
  9. Tristar Worldwide
  10. EG Chauffeurs

Private driver hire UK:

  • Private driver hire services are available throughout the UK, offering chauffeur-driven transportation for various needs.

Hire a driver for long distance in the UK:

  • You can hire a driver for long-distance trips within the UK through chauffeur and private driver services.

Limo hire prices per hour in London

Limousine hire prices can vary widely depending on factors such as location, type of limousine, and specific requirements. It’s best to contact local limo rental companies or check their websites for up-to-date pricing. However, I can provide a sample table format you can use to display the prices:

Type of LimoHourly Rate Range (GBP)
Stretch Limousine£100 – £300
SUV Limousine£150 – £400
Luxury Sedan Limo£80 – £250
Vintage Limousine£200 – £500
Party Bus Limousine£200 – £600

Please note that these are just approximate ranges, and prices can vary significantly vary depending on location, pick-up time and distance.

Executive Car Service London:

  • Executive car services in London offer luxury transportation with professionally trained chauffeurs.
  • These services provide premium vehicles, such as sedans and SUVs, for business and leisure travelers.
  • Common providers include Private Driver London Addison Lee, Blacklane, and MyDriver, known for reliability and comfort.
  • Executive car services ensure punctuality, comfort, and a stress-free travel experience in the bustling city.

Coach rental in London

The cost to hire a coach with a driver in London varies, but on average, you can expect to pay around £300 to £600 per day. Here’s a simplified table with approximate daily rates:

  • Standard Minibus (8-16 seats): £300 – £500 per day
  • Luxury Minibus (8-16 seats): £500 – £600+ per day

How to Hire a Driver for Long Distance UK:

  • Hiring a driver for long-distance travel in the UK is convenient for intercity journeys.
  • Services like Private Driver London, Hertz Chauffeur, and Uber Comfort offer long-distance options.
  • Travelers can book a professional driver for comfort and convenience on extended trips.
  • Long-distance chauffeur services ensure a safe and comfortable journey, particularly for business or leisure travel across the UK.

Our Private Drivers in London

When it comes to hiring a private driver in London, there are certain qualities that you should look for to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Here are some of the top qualities that we believe make a good private driver: professionalism, experience, communication skills, safety and flexibility.

Where do we offer our chauffeur services?

We offer our chauffeur services mainly in London, but you can hire our private drivers for long distances both inside the UK or in Europe such as going to Paris, Brussels or other European cities.

Hire a private driver in London today. Get a custom quote for your journey.